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Travel Management

A s a leading provider of comprehensive travel back office management solutions, we specialize in empowering DMCs, OTAs, and TMCs to thrive in this competitive landscape with efficiency, precision, and seamless operations. By partnering with us, you can shift your focus towards enhancing customer needs and satisfaction while we handle the intricate operations behind the scenes. Our mission extends beyond mere efficiency enhancement; we empower you to seize control of pricing discrepancies and conquer inventory errors that once plagued your operations.

Contract Loading

One crucial factor stands tall as the catalyst for revenue management success: effective travel contract loading. It requires a profound understanding of market dynamics, competitive trends, and the subtle nuances specific to each market. To ensure fares are not just impactful but also up-to-date with unparalleled agility, speed, and precision, enter the realm of Unire. Unire takes charge of managing and updating a diverse range of travel contract loading with contracts, agreements, rates, enticing offers, promotions, and crucial stop sales.

Unire manages and updates contracts, agreements, rates, offers, promotion, and stop sales. We not only increase efficiency but also control issues like pricing discrepancies, inventory errors.

Core Activities
  • New contract creation                      and  seasonal amendments
  • Tours and Packages
  • City guides, events and                    attractions
  • Discounts, Promotions and              offers
  • Taxes and fee updates
  • Stop sales and blackouts


Unire delivers bespoke booking and reservation services. We closely collaborate with clients, comprehending their needs and adapting our offerings accordingly. Our services are meticulously tailored to align with immediate and long-term goals, ensuring a personalized experience. 

Core Activities
  • Pre-Invoicing
  • Rate Confirmation
  • Booking Confirmation
  • Voucher Issuance and
  • Payment Confirmation
  • Payment Reconciliations

Fare Comparison

Unveil your rivals’ pricing secrets with our dynamic fare comparison service. Gain detailed insights into their pricing variations, empowering you to craft a robust pricing strategy. With our comprehensive fare comparison analysis, anticipate market trends, seize pivotal moments, and unlock new sales opportunities.  

Core Activities
  • Competitor’s Analysis
  • Evaluating Vendor
  • Search and Identify rates
  • Finding loading/System errors


Escape the chaos of duplicated and conflicting listings that plague OTA platforms sourcing inventory from multiple channels. Our transformative hotel mapping service offers a seamless solution by consolidating property IDs from different sources, ensuring streamlined and reconcilable listings. Embrace efficiency and clarity as you navigate the realm of property management, leaving behind the chaos of duplication. 

Core Activities
  • Work with any or multiple bed          banks
  • Map hotel properties, room                and destinations
  • Eliminate duplicates and                    mapping errors
  • Creating Unique ID 


Experience seamless VISA management with our specialized service. We partner with VISA management companies, diligently updating and inputting traveler’s VISA applications into their proprietary tools or systems 

Core Activities
  • Traveler’s information
  • VISA type
  • VISA period

Benefits With Our Service:

Why Hire Our Travel Back Office Management Services 

  • Increased efficiency 
  • Control over pricing and inventory errors 
  • Customized services to meet client’s requirements 

Frequently asked question:

Travel back office management outsourcing involves taking care of a range of back office operations that take place in the back end of the major stakeholders of the travel industry.
Outsourcing travel backend operation management services can help in streamlining the backend operations and eventually help the company focus on daily operations.
The travel back office management services will involve contract loading, fare comparison, reservations management, hotel mapping, VISA management, etc.

Our Features:

Superiority Defined

• 100% Errors Accountability – We take complete ownership of any errors occurred in processes .
• Economical – Based out of Jaipur, a tier 2 city, that offers cost-effective options with energetic and productive employees.

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